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mushroom magnets set - series 2

mushroom magnets set - series 2

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Looking for a quirky and fun way to spruce up your kitchen? Or maybe you want to give your fridge a little bit of personality? Either way, these mushroom magnets are perfect for you!

Each magnet is made from laser-cut baltic birch and handpainted with intricate detail. They're also super strong, so you can be sure that they'll stay put on your fridge (or any other metal surface). Plus, they make a great conversation starter - who doesn't love talking about mushrooms?

This set includes five different types of mushrooms: Entoloma hochstetteri, Catharellus cibarius, Cortinarius violaceus, Amanita muscaria and Morchella esculenta. So whether you're a mushroom aficionado or just looking for something fun and unique, these magnets are perfect for you!

The magnets come affixed to a chipboard backer and packaged in a cellophane sleeve, measuring 5.75 x 8.75.

Made in Oregon

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