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fashion tape

fashion tape

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Are you tired of adjusting your clothing all day long? With our fashion tape, you can be assured that all of your clothes will stay exactly where you want them. Double sided for maximum hold, this easy to use tape provides the ultimate secure grip and a comfortable fit that won't let you down. Fashion tape ensures your look remains refined, classy and elegant no matter how wild the party gets! Perfect for deeper necklines, visible straps or keeping frustrating hemlines in check - so no more embarrassing slips. Get first-class fashion with fashion tape and keep your look perfected - all night long!

  • SAFE ON SKIN - Designed to be skin safe and not cause irritation when applied directly to your skin. We use safe materials that are comfortable all day long, but also wash off easily, so you don't have to deal with annoying residue or unsightly glue marks.
  • FABRIC FRIENDLY -  Designed to not leave residue on your fabric after removal.
  • MOVE WITH CONFIDENCE - built to hold up to movement and real life use.
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