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sterling silver & bronze moon phase ring

sterling silver & bronze moon phase ring

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This ring represents all of the lunar phases, as the moon waxes and wanes from New Moon to Full Moon. Each phase of the moon has its own associated meaning. New moons are for beginnings, for example, while the waning moon is believed to be a good time for banishing things, or clearing negative influences. Channel the meaningful phases of our lovely lunar orb with this beautiful textured link... while creating jewelry designs that are out of this world! The oxidized silver background of the ring sets off the warm tone of the bronze moon shapes. Handmade. The black finish is a beautiful oxidized treatment on the surface of the silver. Please note that over time the black finish will slowly wear off to reveal the shiny silver underneath. This process is accelerated on finger rings due to wear and tear and exposure to soap, water, lotion, etc. This results in a rustic, timeworn quality which many admire.

Sterling silver & bronze

Fair Trade

Handmade in Indonesia

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